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Revolutionizing Secure Check Printing with Variable Fonts and ANSI Standards

How MICRtype is changing the check printing industry

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Security and accuracy stand as paramount concerns in financial transactions. For decades, the MICR E-13b font has been the hallmark for printing checks and other critical financial documents. However, envision an innovative alternative that not only upholds the highest security standards but also offers adaptability to diverse printing setups. This is where MICRtype comes into play – an avant-garde variable font solution that redefines MICR printing. In this blog post, we'll delve into how MICRtype ushers in a new era of secure check printing, all backed by the latest ANSI standards.

The Power of Variability in MICRtype

MICRtype represents a bold leap forward in the evolution of MICR printing technology. Unlike traditional static fonts, MICRtype is a variable font, which means it allows for dynamic adjustments in character weight, width, and spacing. This adaptability addresses a longstanding challenge in MICR printing – the variations in printing quality and accuracy across different machines and setups.

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Micro Adjustments for Optimal Results

The introduction of variable axes in MICRtype brings a revolutionary concept to the table. MICRtype empowers users to make micro adjustments to individual characters, ensuring that each character's weight and spacing align perfectly with the specific printing conditions. This level of customization minimizes the risk of errors and enhances the accuracy of the printed MICR line, leading to smoother check processing and reduced instances of rejected checks.

Striving for ANSI Excellence

At MICRtype, we understand the importance of adherence to industry standards. Our variable font solution is designed in accordance with the latest ANSI standards for MICR E-13b font. This commitment to standards ensures that MICRtype-generated checks are universally recognized and accepted by banks and financial institutions, maintaining seamless interoperability across the industry.

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Embracing Technological Advancements

MICRtype's integration of variable font technology isn't just about adapting to existing printing setups. It also embraces the future of printing technology. As printing techniques continue to evolve, including advancements like high-resolution inkjet and laser printing, MICRtype's flexibility will prove invaluable in achieving optimal MICR quality regardless of the medium.

Versatility in Applications

While the world of finance evolves towards digital transactions, the significance of physical checks persists in various industries. Real estate, small businesses, and larger institutions that handle payroll in-house still rely on printed checks. MICRtype's adaptability caters to this diverse range of applications, ensuring that checks remain secure, accurate, and compliant with industry standards.


MICRtype stands as a testament to innovation and adaptability in the realm of secure check printing. By introducing variable font technology to the MICR E-13b font, MICRtype addresses the challenges of varying printing conditions while upholding the highest security standards. With its dedication to the latest ANSI standards and a vision for the future of printing, MICRtype is poised to redefine the way checks are printed, processed, and trusted in the dynamic landscape of modern finance.

by Derek Nelsen · FounderFebruary 1, 2024